About Debbie

Debbie Lyn Owens started from meager beginnings in her garage. Theater costuming was her specialty. As her talents and subsequent demand increased, Debbie decided to take the big plunge and in 1993 opened a year-round sales and rental costume store. It actually began as a dream that’s turned into a love and passion for costuming people. Debbie is described as outgoing, gregarious, affable, giving and generous by people that know her. If you combine that with her degree in Religion and Philosophy from Illinois College, the years of experience as accounting supervisor at GTE (no ages!), and her ongoing involvement in business, civic and charitable activities, you have one outstanding individual. As president of the National Costumers Association, Debbie is known both nationally and locally in the costuming world. The City of Sunnyvale awarded Debbie the Outstanding Business Person of the Year award in 2001. Debbie is past Chairman of the Board and a current board member of the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce and is currently active in the Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara Chambers of Commerce. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Sunnyvale Community Services.